Private and Hybrid Clouds

Private Cloud

  • Dedicated high performance hardware
  • Guaranteed uncontended resources
  • Compatible with traditional security
  • Quickly deploy new application stacks
  • Template and clone servers/applications

Hybrid Cloud

  • Combine public and private cloud benefits
  • Use "bare metal" where appropriate
  • Leverage scalability advantages of cloud
  • Have performance benefits of dedicated
  • Colo, servers and cloud from one ISP

A private cloud gives you the flexibility of fast provisioining and low capex of a public cloud, with the security and guarantees of a dedicated infrastructure. A hybrid infrastructure uses the most appropriate hardware at every part of the design - virtualisation where cost-effective, and dedicated hardware where superior compute or storage performance is required. We can design any platform to suit specific requirements, benefiting from all of these key features:


With hybrid hosting, you choose the best combination of technologies for your applications - for example, public cloud for your development environments, private cloud for production front-ends, dedicated servers for IOps intensive databases, colocation for large data storage arrays and managed network firewalls for security.

High Availability

All servers in public and private clouds are replicated on redundant hardware nodes so there are no single points of failure. If a hardware node fails, virtual servers can be quickly started on other available nodes. Dedicated infrastructure can be constructed and managed with similar fault tolerance.

High Performance

With private clouds, you choose the hardware specifications for every component, allowing you to balance the required performance against your budget - don't be tied into a 'one size fits all' platform which gives you artificial limitations.


Benefit from decades of proven dedicated infrastructure security - such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, network segregation and dedicated storage - which will protect your infrastructure without concerns of virtualisation.

Full Access

You get full access to the virtual infrastructure management console, to control and monitor virtual machines, storage, network, installation images, templates etc.

Long Term Cost Savings

Committing to fixed hardware resources offers substantial long term savings over on-demand public cloud, making it very cost-effective for essential fixed infrastructure requirements.

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