Hosted and Managed Applications

Today's server infrastructure needs to be always-on, accessible from everywhere but also secure. Locating older servers in a cabinet in the office, with no redundant power, fire suppression, manned security, the latest network security technology or fast connectivity is no longer viable for most businesses whose services are critical and may also need to scale quickly. Alongside a number of standard cloud services, our hosted 'cloud' application services are tailored completely to your individual business requirements and budget, supplying high-availability services on trustworthy hardware, utilising the latest software, located in high calibre protected facilities with excellent redundancy, backed by design consultancy and 24/7 support to make sure critical applications stay on.


Communication, storage and desktops

Communication, storage and desktops
Fully Customised Application Stacks

Fully Customised Application Stacks

  • Deploy and scale any server infrastructure
  • Specified, designed and maintained by experts
  • Fully customisable servers and network
  • Standard software licensing and system patching maintenance
  • Cyber-threat protection using high-end security architecture
  • Multi-site resilience and load-balancing options

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