London IP Transit

What is IP transit?

A high-bandwidth symmetrical service used to connect your data centre equipment to the Internet.

How is it delivered?

In any of our on-net points of presence (PoPs), it's just a copper or fibre cross-connect cable to you.

How is transit charged?

Using 95th percentile committed data rate over 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps burstable ports.

Does the service require BGP?

No. If you do not have your own AS network, we will assign you static IPs on our address space. We can also announce your own IP ranges on your behalf.

Is the latency good?

We seek low RTTs for critical traffic by using a blend of multiple top global carriers, extensive local peering, and manual routing optimisations made by our NOC.

How reliable is it?

We operate a fully redundant routing platform using multiple carrier-grade vendors to mitigate any weaknesses. Any issues are supported 24/7.

Premium Low-Cost Global IP Transit

  • 4 top global upstreams (see right): Level(3), Telia, NTT and Cogent
  • Access the entire IPv4/v6 global Internet over best available routes
  • Multi-homed and dual-vendor for carrier/equipment/site resilience
  • Peered routes for fewer hops, higher reliability, lower latency
  • Delivered as BGP, your own IPs announced, or our own static IP
  • Multi-router and multi-site redundancy and diversity options
  • Available same day in most major London data centres
Premium Low-Cost Global IP Transit

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