London Optical Waves

New dark fibre installations are expensive to install, often requiring large scale dig works with long lead times. By comparison, our fibre network is already in place, fully tested and supported. By using Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) we run multiple concurrent optically-isolated circuits over the fibre network between any on-net sites, with terminations as low-cost common 10GBASE-LR (single mode) or 10GBASE-SR (multi-mode) optical presentations. This means new optical wavelength services can be constructed and delivered as quickly as same day and have no hidden charges or administrative overhead to consider. You still benefit from a secure 10Gbps protocol-transparent network, but we take care of all aspects of the end-to-end optical transmission, signal degradation, amplification and optional resilience for you.

Protocol Transparent

This is a layer 1 optical service, so supports any layer 2 protocol (Ethernet, SONET, SDH etc.) up to 10Gbps.

Lowest Latencies

With no reliance on packet switching equipment, your traffic benefits from even lower sub-ms latencies.

Managed Resilience

Single links, protected spans and rings are available, all managed for uptime and signal quality.


Volume discounts are offered for circuits across multiple sites and for increased capacities.

Rapid Deployment

Be operational as quickly as 24 hours after delivery of local cabling, compared with weeks for dark fibre.

24/7 Support

Fibres are continually monitored for uptime, with our NOC alerted to faults to attempt a same day repair.

About Optical Waves or Wavelengths

  • Expensive dark fibre resources are shared for cost/capacity savings
  • Each channel uses a non-interfering distinct frequency of light wave
  • Channels are physically and securely optically-isolated on each side
  • Each side looks like a directly-connected 10GBASE fibre connection
  • Amplification is assessed and managed to give optimal signal quality
  • There is no risk of 3rd party congestion or re-convergence events
  • There is no dependence on 3rd party complex routing infrastructure
About Optical Waves or Wavelengths

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