Offsite Data Storage and Backups

After their staff, data is one of the most valuable and irreplacable commodities that modern businesses possess. In the best possible case, data loss is embarassing, time-consuming and expensive to rectify. In the worst case, it is widely claimed that 60-80% of businesses will fail if there is significant data loss, whether that's digital data by hardware failure, software corruption, accidental deletion or malicious activity, or physical files by fire, theft or accidental destruction. The cost of off-site storage is typically so low compared with other operational costs, that it's rarely not viable to use it for backups, disaster recovery and business continuity plans. It may be the best insurance plan you've ever considered. We offer two main digital services, as well as physical file scanning and storage through a trusted partner.


Advanced Cloud File Storage

  • Pay only as you consume resources, from 100GB to 100TB+
  • Support for strict access permissions, quotas and versioning
  • Retrieve data at any time over our fast always-on network
  • Store and retrieve bulk data via physical USB storage
  • Logical data destruction options on deletion
  • A local London service with global reach and 24/7 support
Advanced Cloud File Storage
Dedicated Secure Network Storage

Dedicated Secure Network Storage

  • Your own managed network attached storage (NAS) appliance
  • Connect via leased line, Internet or secure VPN from anywhere
  • Utilise NFS, SMB/CIFS, iSCSI, shared folders and more
  • Storage on private dedicated drives for compliance and security
  • In the worst case, retrieve the entire NAS device for urgent recovery
  • Physical disk destruction options on end-of-life removal

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