UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Redundancy and HA Options

High-availability options including redundant A+B power supply, multiple drives and hardware RAID 0/1/5/6/10.

Premium Network

Fast dual-stack IPv4+IPv6 high-quality low-latency network built for superior uptime and global reach.

24/7 Support

Full support for any hardware and network issues, with optional server OS/software management available.

Any Server Operating System

Choose from the latest Ubuntu Server, CentOS, BSD or Microsoft Windows Server operating systems.

Software/Panel Licensing

Installation and licensing of software from Microsoft (SQL Server, Remote Desktop, Office, Exchange etc.), Sophos, Symantec, cPanel, Plesk and others.

Short Contracts

Value server options starting on just a monthly contract for short-term requirements; discounts for longer terms.

Entry Servers

A general purpose server suitable for most light or moderate duty workloads:

  • 4-core/8-thread Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Up to 32GB ECC RAM
  • Up to 2x10TB HDD or 4x2TB SSDs
  • Non-redundant power supply on A+B power

Mid-Range Servers

Servers suited to higher uptime, heavier IOps applications and virtualised hosting:

  • Up to dual 8-core CPUs and 128GB RAM
  • Up to 4x10TB HDDs or 4x2TB SSDs
  • Zero-downtime hot-swap storage
  • Redundant power supplies on A+B power

Fully Customised

A fully bespoke hardware solution designed to meet your exact requirements and budget:

  • Up to four CPU sockets and 1TB of RAM
  • Redundant, fast, high-capacity storage
  • Redundant power and network options
  • Minimum 12 month contracts apply

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