Key Features


Grow your RAM and CPU resources and add storage with just a reboot of your server: minimal downtime, maximum cost-efficiency.

High availability

All servers in our cloud are replicated on multiple hardware nodes so there are no single points of failure. If a hardware node fails, virtual servers are automatically moved to other available nodes.

High performance

With SSD high-performance storage, disk access is at near-local disk speeds, ensuring high throughput for your server.

Always persistent

Unlike many other cloud providers, all our storage is persistent for all time (until explicitly destroyed). This ensures no unexpected data loss if virtual servers are shutdown or migrated..

Tiered storage

We offer a choice of low-capacity high-performance solid state disk (SSD) storage and/or high-capacity low-performance archival storage. You choose whichever fits your application based on capacity, IOps and budget.

Full root access

All servers include full root (administrator) access via both SSH (Linux) or RDP (Windows), as well as an out of band VNC console session.

Snapshot backup (coming soon)

Individual hard drive partitions can be backed up regularly so in the event of a serious problem - for example an infection or corruption of your data - you can recover to a previous state.

Zero-downtime maintenance

Virtual servers can be moved between hardware on the platform without any downtime, meaning maintenance such as software upgrades can be performed with no risk to your service.

Template & clone (coming soon)

Once you've set up your virtual server, you can save it and then clone it into a new server at any time: simple horizontal scaling.

What are Virtual Dedicated Servers?

Our virtual dedicated cloud servers provide the same root-access operating system environment and customisable software as a physical dedicated server, but increase the resilience and reduce the cost by sharing and spreading the underlying physical resources. This allows you to start at just 1GB RAM and 10GB high-performance SSD storage and grow your requirements only as your business demands, whilst being confident you get the same (or better) availability as a physical dedicated server.

Configure Your Server Now

Pricing is for an unmanaged server with pre-installed Linux operating system and 1TB monthly data transfer allowance. For upgrades and options see below.

Options and Upgrades

  • Operating systems: Servers are installed with a 64-bit Linux operating system (either Ubuntu 12.04 Server, CentOS 5.x or CentOS 6.x) at no charge. You can also choose Windows Server Standard (2008R2 or 2012) licensing for a monthly charge.
  • Control panels: If you prefer the administrative ease of an established control panel, then choose from cPanel VPS Optimized (£15/month, requires CentOS) or Plesk (£10/month for 30 domains, £20/month for 100 domains or £30/month for unlimited domains, compatible with most operating systems).
  • Additional data transfer: The included 1TB monthly transfer for every server is usually sufficient; if you require more, add this for just £5/100GB/month (that's 5p/GB).
  • Snapshot backups: Take or schedule point-in-time backups of entire disks or individual partitions and only pay for the archival storage required to retain them - at £2/10GB/month.
  • Templates: Create a template from a point-in-time clone of an entire virtual server and only pay for the archival storage required to retain it - at £2/10GB/month. Then use that template to create any number of new, identical, virtual server (the resulting server charged at standard resource rates).

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"I'd like to thank ConnetU for always responding promptly to our managed server requirements. Reliability is key to our business and has consistently met our high expectations. All in all, an excellent hosting service."

— Ed Bolton, Managing Director, Excel4Business Ltd (spreadsheet consultancy)