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Multi-homed global IPv4/v6 carriers:

Click to view network map

Click to view network map

Peering exchanges for low-latency EU routes reaching 30%+ of IPv4 and 100% of IPv6:

LINX, France-IX peering

Available PoPs

We supply IP transit in all major London data centres, including:

London Docklands: Telehouse North, Telehouse East, Telehouse West, Telecity Sovereign House, Harbour Exchange 6&7, Harbour Exchange 8&9, Meridian Gate (Memaco House), Global Switch London 1, Global Switch London 2, Telstra London Hosting Centre, City Reach Tutis Point

London City: London Bridge, Interxion LON1/LON2, City LifeLine, Telehouse Metro, Level(3) Goswell Road

Greater London: Greenwich, Croydon, West Byfleet, Equinix LD4/LD5 (Slough)

Global Transit

  • Access the entire IPv4/v6 global Internet
  • Multi-homed for carrier/site resilience
  • 3 of the top 5 global upstreams: NTT, TeliaSonera IC and Cogent
  • Peered routes for lowest latency

100M from £3/Mbps per month

Partial Transit

  • For BGP sessions only
  • Supplies 30-35% of all global routes
  • Low-latency connectivity via major peering exchanges in UK and Europe
  • Highly cost-effective for local traffic

100M from £1/Mbps per month

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Delivery in:   with termination:
Session type:   with CDR: Mbps
  The CDR is a required 95th percentile committed data rate
What is IP transit?How is it delivered?
A high-bandwidth symmetrical service used to connect your data centre equipment to the Internet. In any of our 15 points of presence (PoPs), we run a copper or fibre cross-connect cable to you.
How is transit charged?Does the service require BGP?
Using 95th percentile committed data rate over either 100Mbps or 1Gbps burstable ports. No. If you do not have your own AS network, we will assign you static IPs on our address space.

Service Levels

We operate our own multi-homed BGP network (AS51945) based on a 10Gbps MPLS core, two diverse routing sites with independent hardware, dual global upstreams and a substantial complement of peered traffic. Combined with continual monitoring, this ensures we maintain the highest possible uptime: 100% most months and 99.99%+ annually, as shown by these independent statistics from Pingdom which include all scheduled maintenance windows and "natural" reconvergence events (e.g. peer drops and upstream maintenance).

In addition to high uptime, we strive to optimise traffic to use best path not lowest cost routing, which gives these typical low latency round trip times (RTTs) to major landing sites outside London:

Europe Landing:Netherlands<10msFrance<14ms
Rest of Europe:Western Europe20-30msEastern Europe25-40ms
USA:East Coast70-90msWest Coast120-160ms
Americas:Central America100-140msSouth America170-220ms

The table shows round-trip-times (RTTs), measured as time between an ICMP "ping" request being sent and the reply packet received. For uni-directional protocols like UDP and VoIP, the time delay between sending data and the recipient receiving the packet will be half of that shown above. If your applications are latency sensitive to a specific remote location, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist with specific ping tests and traceroutes from our network core.

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"I'd like to thank ConnetU for always responding promptly to our managed server requirements. Reliability is key to our business and has consistently met our high expectations. All in all, an excellent hosting service."

— Ed Bolton, Managing Director, Excel4Business Ltd (spreadsheet consultancy)