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London Docklands: Telehouse North, Telehouse East, Telehouse West, Telecity Sovereign House, Harbour Exchange 6&7, Harbour Exchange 8&9, Meridian Gate (Memaco House), Global Switch London 1, Global Switch London 2, Telstra London Hosting Centre, City Reach Tutis Point

London City: London Bridge, Interxion LON1/LON2, City LifeLine, Telehouse Metro, Level(3) Goswell Road

Greater London: Greenwich, Croydon, West Byfleet, Equinix LD4/LD5 (Slough)

Manchester: Telecity Williams House/Kilburn House/Synergy House/Reynolds House


Paris, France: Telehouse 2, InterXion 1, Equinix PA2/PA3

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Equinix AM1/2, InterXion AMS3/5, Telecity 1/2/4, Global Switch, SARA, NIKHEF

Frankfurt, Germany: Equinix FR1/2/4/5, InterXion FRA1/2/3/4/5/6, Telecity Gutleutstrasse

Zurich/Geneva, Switzerland: Equinix ZH1/2/4 (Zurich), Equinix GV1 (Geneva)


Equinix Ashburn/New York/Los Angeles/San Jose, Telx New York, Level(3) Baltimore, Verizon Terremark NAP Miami, CoreSite Reston


Please enquire: we can deliver into many other countries including Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and the UAE.

What are Interconnects?

Our MPLS pseudowires provide layer 2 Ethernet emulation between two data centre network ports. They transparently pass all Ethernet frames, any VLAN tags (including QinQ, QinQinQ etc.), as well as control protocols like STP, VTP, CDP, ARP. Of course that includes all IPv4, IPv6, unicast and multicast data packets. This is secure, private, uncongested, low-latency, point-to-point layer 2 connectivity.

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What is MPLS? How does it compare with VLANs?

This is a question frequently asked by customers who are familiar with layer 2 VLAN (or QinQ) "tunneling" over another carrier's switched network which uses pure layer 2 switches to forward Ethernet frames. This uses MAC addresses and Spanning Tree Protocol (or a variant, usually RSTP) to avoid loops in the redundant network. This type of network is suitable over small areas, but does not scale to larger topologies.

On the contrary, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) runs across a layer 3 routed network, which allows for zero-loss forwarding of packets over a wide area network (WAN) consisting of hundreds of routing devices dispersed across the globe. Unlike VLAN/STP networks, links on an MPLS network are never blocked, which improves capacity, traffic management and ultimately quality of service.

Most importantly, MPLS pseudowire circuits use pre-calculated paths taking the best available route over all links across the network. This includes considering available/required bandwidth and congestion, and if a link becomes saturated with traffic, the path is automatically moved to uncongested links.

Further, every device on our network pre-calculates backup paths, so if a link or device fails, pseudowire traffic is immediately redirected across a backup path. This gives millisecond repair and sub-second convergence. By contrast, layer 2 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol attains a minimum 3 seconds convergence time, and usually much larger as the information propagates, which is unacceptable for traffic which cannot tollerate jitter, such as VoIP, gaming and financial trading.

Convergence Example

One of the many contrasts between our circuits and layer 2 carrier networks is the convergence time. The following is actual output taken from one of our switches during a fibre link break:

11:33:13.780 Interface/link observed down
11:33:13.780 Tunnel repaired at break using backup [<1ms]
11:33:13.812 New optimal path calculated and proposed [32ms]
11:33:13.943 Reservation confirmed across network [163ms]
11:33:14.142 New optimal path active end-to-end [362ms]

The tunnel is repaired within 1ms so customer traffic continues to flow (over the pre-calculated backup path). A new path is rapidly calculated over alternative (active) links and put into service, all within 400ms.

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