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With our hybrid hosting, you choose the best combination of technologies for your applications - for example, public cloud for your development environments, private cloud for production front-ends, dedicated servers for IOps intensive databases, colocation for large data storage arrays and managed network firewalls for security.

High availability

All servers in public and private clouds are replicated on multiple hardware nodes so there are no single points of failure. If a hardware node fails, virtual servers are automatically moved to other available nodes.

Performance vs. cost

With private clouds, you choose the hardware specifications, allowing you to balance the required performance against your budget - don't be tied by "one size fits all" proposals.

Always persistent

Unlike many other cloud providers, all storage is persistent for all time (until explicitly destroyed). This ensures no unexpected data loss if virtual servers are shutdown or fail.

Full root access

All servers include full root (administrator) access via both SSH (Linux) or RDP (Windows), as well as an out of band VNC console session.

Template, version, provision

Once you've set up a new virtual server, you can save it and then clone it into a new server at any time: simple horizontal scaling. Once you've created an application, you can template the entire application and provision copies as required without logging into a single server.

Private Cloud

  • Dedicated high performance hardware
  • Guaranteed uncontended resources
  • Compatible with traditional security
  • Quickly deploy new application stacks
  • Template and clone entire applications

from £295/month

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Hybrid Cloud

  • Combine public and private cloud
  • Add dedicated hardware as required
  • Scalability advantages of cloud
  • Performance benefits of dedicated
  • Colo, servers, cloud from one ISP

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Private Cloud Comparison

 Dedicated Hosting Public Clouds Private Clouds
SecurityTime proven modelsSome concernsUse proven models
Capex CostHighLowLow
Operating CostHighLowLow
HardwareConsiderableFully outsourcedManaged consolidation
PerformanceBuilt to specificationLimited optionsBuilt to specification
FlexibilityComplex planningScalableScalable
Hardware Lead TimesLongN/A (outsourced)Short
DeploymentSlowRapid (simple services)Rapid (complex applications)

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"I'd like to thank ConnetU for always responding promptly to our managed server requirements. Reliability is key to our business and has consistently met our high expectations. All in all, an excellent hosting service."

— Ed Bolton, Managing Director, Excel4Business Ltd (spreadsheet consultancy)